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The new world
In a world, humans are known as a lesser being. The population is narrowed down to part human, part spirit, part creature.
Something in the past fifty years though has separated the world to light and darkness.
Citys were mostly deserted, dark windows cracked and the foundations crumbling. The streets below lined with parked cars, collecting little bits of rubble and rain over the years they hadn't been used.
Silence crept and twined through the streets like a snake, dying from starvation. Even the smallest noise of a rusted door creaking open in the alleyway relieved the air of the deathly hush.
Out of that doorway, a small shoe clicked with the ground. The young women ducked through the doorway, a large pair of wings protruding from her collarbone and resting on her shoulder blades. Another less significant pair of wings poked out through the small of her back. Following close behind was a tail, somewhat of an awkward tail, but a tail nonetheless.
The young women's shoes clicked with
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Call me weird. Call me odd. Call me queer. Call me caring. Call me emo. Call me slut. Call me ugly.
You've called me this so long that it doesn't hurt anymore.
I am weird, and I like it. I am queer, and that's not changing. I am emo, I love to feel.
These things I have learned to embrace about myself...
But call me freak. Why am I a freak? No, that's not right.
Freak. Why? I haven't done anything super natural.
Freak. Why?! It's only through your eyes.
Freak. I don't belong in a circus!
Freak. Am I a freak for wearing black? Or do I wear black because I really AM a freak?
Freak. It's starting to cut into me.
Freak. Stop saying it before it becomes true!
Freak. Fag. STOP!
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Pride happy by Madam-Berry Pride happy :iconmadam-berry:Madam-Berry 2 6
A smile warm as spring.
Eyes cold as ice.
Even though they sting.
His hands hold the dice.
A heart caring.
Black nails brush velvet skin.
His heart beating-
and breaking within.
Love his soul-
Hate his nature.
Black as coal.
An attracting feature.
His voice worth dying for.
But words worth living.
Something warm but heart shattering.
Something dark but uplifting.
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My eyes lay downcast into my empty hands. There's something in my blood controlling my movement.
"I don't like it" I cry. "It's not me."
The things I love don't matter anymore it seems. Nothing does. As this thing courses through my blood, hiding the truth behind my madness.
I scream and jump on the desk to hide in a corner, kicking all in my way. Pencils fly across the room in my fear, books fall off there shelves. And I stand on my desk, clinging to the wall... watching hallucinations fly about the room.
"They'll kill me!" I cry.
And I hide my face... no tears are falling though I fear for my life.
Later I curl up on my bed, pulling on my hair unconsciously until it starts to rip. And suddenly I'm asleep.
And when I awake, the hallucinations are gone. And I'm left alone... With nothing to do but know that I need help which I can't ask for. That I'm trapped in a mental hell with the person I hate most. Me.
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My kisses are stale, you can have them. I say with a smile.
My body is used, I don't care about it anymore. My smile struggles to stay.
You can keep me and lock me up and I might just sit here and smile.
My friends are mine, you can't have them... They deserve the love. They deserve the love that was rightfully mine.
I don't need it.
If you have to take my friends away from me, just make sure they're happy. Make sure they have all my love and everything I had that was good.
As for me, let me suffer. My friends don't deserve that part of me.
I'll die slowly inside, struggling to smile as my heart starts to fade into the beat of running.
Nothing about me matters, so just take me away.
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Cookie lady
United States
Current Residence: With 50 cats
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Large I guess...
Favourite genre of music: Pop/Rock
Favourite photographer: Pelicanh
Favourite style of art: Simbolism... obviously not writing.
Operating System: Currently, Windows something.
MP3 player of choice: Ipod video (30g)
Shell of choice: Sea
Wallpaper of choice: Anime stuff
Skin of choice: ...Soft?
Personal Quote: GAH! Sorry!
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Hey, Friends.
I haven't drawn in SOO long, and I'm sorry for that. I'm going to start putting stuff up soon.
But to get my artistic poop flowing out of me, I'd like to start taking requests. Anything will due, I'm willing to try new things. Keep in mind though that I have a hard time drawing males! And large groups. But back to the point.
If you're going to request a fan-art, please leave a reference of some sort so I know what I'm doing.
If you're requesting a story, note me with details =) And don't expect anything to quickly...
IF you would like to request a picture of yourself...... *cough* I'd be more then glad to TRY. The best results would come from that if the ref pic is large enough to see detail. <3

Holy shit.
It's been mostly medications, on one, off another. And on and on and on.
With each medication there's more complication and possibly another medication to stop a side affect of the medication before it...
What was the original problem? We thought it was Anxiety.
It turns out, I had disorders just waiting to be triggered. The worst of which is something called Depersonalization. Look it up.
Other then "personal" things, there's the slim social aspect of my life...
My best friend, Twitch, who has come to be like a brother to me...
As well as other friends from Rainbow alley... For some reason, as loved as I might be. It's not the same as how it was with my Canadian friends.
I had best friends that I talked to every day. Now people only call me sometimes. And I feel like I don't really have anyone to call with little things, like if I feel overwhelmed with the house.
Aside from that, my most late boyfriend and I are taking a break... Yeah, I miss him but I understand.
Still... he hasn't called. He hasn't even left a comment for me on facebook. Not many people call anyway but he hasn't called me for three weeks. We've seen each other but only on weekends.
Is it so much to ask... to want to talk to someone every day?


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berryyyyy i haven't spoke to you in forever :V

how you been?
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Now there are five people that I have asked this of, and they[so far] are Morgan, Shane, Jake, Molly and Allie[from school]. So the simplest way to put it is that, metaphorically, I have fallen. There are another three or four[maybe five] people that I am going to ask this of.

Since I have "fallen" will you help me up?
Madam-Berry Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009
Yes! I'll do everything I can. What do you need? ..0_0.
demon-days9823 Featured By Owner Oct 8, 2009  Hobbyist General Artist
Just need help getting up...
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